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  3. You have moved far away and would like to see pictures and share memories of "the biggest little town on the border".
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  5. lylealumni.com is only for Lyle alumni and has content tailored just for you (take the Lyle quiz!). What other site has scans can claim an entire Lyloneons section? There is also a plan to add searchable information from all past Lyloneons so that you can answer those important questions like "Who won the shop award in 1979?" or "What Lyle's all-time record in basketball against Lanesboro?"
  6. Prove to your friends and family that you really went to a school that was K-12 in a town of 500 people. And show them why it is better than Mona, London, Rose Creek, Adams, Glenville and all those other less cool towns nearby.
  7. You have a facebook or myspace account but you don't really want to be official friends with your classmates and would prefer to just snoop on whatever they entered on this site.
  8. You miss your friends and are curious about others from your days at Lyle.
  9. Class reunion is coming up and you want to reach out to others and share ideas on a forum of what to do. (Might we recommend meeting at Lyle Liquor?)
  10. The following words and numbers have a special place in your heart: "9 man", 325, 218, "two-a-days", 55953, "contest", 507, "the store", 105, "lion country", "Keuchenmeister's"